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Garden of Wholeness

Garden of Wholeness

A Journey to

Living Whole and Free

The Garden of Wholeness offers holistic life and health coaching services that are rooted in faith.

☎ 940-600-1164

A Calling to Change One Life at a Time

You will be equipped to take control over your body and gain back your health through nutrition, fitness and cellular detox.

Welcome to a pathway to living free!!!

Why are you sick, why are you wanting answers to your ailments? This was the start to my freedom…

The journey to searching for answers for my friends, family’s and my own health began years ago. From antibiotics that didn’t work, to scrolling through the internet to finding answers and going through countless websites and trying a whole host of vitamins, minerals and natural medicines, that just didn’t seem to work. I found myself at a loss with a whole lot of information but little to no result.

After all else failed, I attended a seminar with a close friend regarding healing the Thyroid naturally. My ears and eyes were opened. This was a seminar of healing not only the thyroid but the whole body, getting to the root cause and healing the cell naturally.

I instantly knew that this was the answer I was looking for. I went on to get the necessary qualifications so I can not only help myself and my family, but all those countless people out there, that were in my same shoes, lost and chasing many rabbit trails with no real hope in sight.

Thus, “The Garden of Wholeness” was birthed. Not only is the body treated through nutrition, cellular detoxification but the soul is also treated. An unforgotten area that most ignore but crucial to healing not only the body but the heart.

We are a finished work. We have been already been made whole, all you have to do is implement and walk in your own body’s complete potential to restore itself naturally!

Jesus said on the cross, John 19:30 “…It is finished”. Which meant that all that he was sent to do here on earth was fulfilled. He was sent to earth for mankind. He not only came to save your soul, set you free but he also came to heal your broken body. All sin and diseases were nailed on the cross with him. He has bore all of our sickness and diseases, thus giving us a new life and restoring what is fragmented!!!

The journey to restoring you to Wholeness in Spirit, Soul and Health begins with you!

You have been chosen to live an abundant life, free from sickness and disease.

John 10:10 “I have come that they may have life, and have it in all its fullness.”

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