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The Garden of Wholeness offers holistic life and health coaching services that are rooted in faith.

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Can you lower your cholesterol levels by avoiding fats?

The answer is, we cannot!!! Our bodies produce 75% of cholesterol in our blood, the other 25% comes from the foods that we eat. We need fats to give us energy and promote our cells to grow within our bodies. Fats help protect our organs. Fats are essential to aid in the absorption of some nutrients and to produce important hormones.

Consuming bad fats can cause our cholesterol to go out of balance. Deficiencies in fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and k, can lead to heart disease, heart attacks and stroke.

Fats that we must avoid are: margarines, butter replacements, vegetable oils and cooking oils.

Fats that are our building blocks are: animal fats, grass fed butter, natural ghee, coconut oil, cold pressed virgin olive oil and other cold pressed plant oils like, flaxseed oil, avocado oil, etc but these are not to be used for cooking.

So, start incorporating these good fats into your meals, your heart will love you for it!!!

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The art of fasting is bringing your body into a perfect homeostasis and thus, the body brings itself into a perfect balance and heals perfectly! God created a perfect machine within us. Your body has its own supernatural intelligence and has the innate ability to heal itself.

Wait, what? You thought this was for religious folks, right? What if I told you there are different kinds of fasts that you can implement and not be hungry! Fasting is not only biblical but also healing.

Fasting is the most potent power given to mankind! It’s like Clark Kent turning into Superman. Clark already had the power within him to be this superhero, all he had to do is believe in himself. Believing that you have been equipped with a powerful body, this will transform you not only spiritually but physically. Your thoughts play a powerful role in your healing. By changing the way you look at food, we can literally starve ailments that are plaguing our bodies today. We are laying our own fleshly desires aside and focusing our energy not on food but on healing both the body and the soul!

If we give our bodies a break from food, our bodies can rest and begin to heal. Believe it or not, we all fast every day and don’t even know it. When you sleep, you are fasting all night and most break their fast in the morning. This is what we call break-fast, simply because we are breaking our fast.

A neuroscientist by the name of Mark Mattson, through his research has found that doing intermittent fasting just a few times a week can help with your energy, mood and even lower your risks of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s .

Most disease begins in the mitochondria, the inner part of the cell. We must heal our mitochondria, but how? Fasting!!! We are designed to detox naturally. Every time we eat, and do not give our bodies at least a 12 hour break, our bodies turn glucose into glycogen in our liver. Our main goal is to have our entire body, including our brain, to consume ketones as its primary source of fuel, instead of glucose. This is the most powerful way to shed body fat, curb hunger, sharpen your brain and start to turn those bad genes off. When you constantly eat, breakfast-snack, lunch-snack, dinner-snack, we are not giving our bodies a chance to recuperate and rest. Our bodies are constantly working to digest the food we have just eaten 2 or 3 hours ago. By shifting our focus from eating and turning to intermittent fasting and giving yourself at least a 16-18 window of not feasting, your body will start to eat away anything that is bad in the cells. Our machine is constantly running and is wearing out, we need to rest and repair and by doing so, we can start to create new stem cells, all for free!!!

You will be eased slowly into a 12-18 hour intermittent fast or longer. For the people who are looking for autophagy, you will be ready for this task through following a Ketogenic diet and will already be running on ketones, so you can handle longer fasts. Your body will be burning up all its fat stores for energy and creating a powerhouse that runs on ketones, building a stronger, denser brain through ketosis. This causes your brain to create more mitochondria, generating more energy. Your body will get rid of the bad stuff, bad proteins, bad DNA, bad mitochondria. Longer fasts resets your DNA, bad genes are turned off and it resets your epigenetics and DNA. The first long fast is always difficult. The more fasts you do, believe me, the easier it gets. Just think of the gym and the first time you went, how achy was that? You ached for like a whole week, right? As you were consistent in exercising, your body got used to movement and you no longer ached. This holds true to fasting. At first, it is uncomfortable, simply because you have not exercised this part of your body, then after a few fasts, you will see that it is simple to implement this into your very busy schedule.

Fasting was first introduced in the Old Testament. Moses fasted 40 days and nights when he received the 10 commandments. Elijah fasted 40 days and nights and Jesus fasted 40 days and nights before he started his ministry. Why? Because he knew that he would have to face trials up ahead. Fasting gave him the strength to abstain from fleshly desires and accomplish his commission here on this earth! The miracles we hear about in the bible took place after he fasted and prayed. Without fasting and praying, he would not have been able to carry out God’s will for his life. It gave him all the energy and strength he needed to resist temptation, heal the sick, and endure the burden of the cross. How many of you are bearing your own cross? Perhaps fasting is the key to unlocking the impossible and tapping into the supernatural power of healing!

We have become a society that has gotten away from biblical principles. Perhaps, this is why we are living diseased and no longer living the long lives that was once lived in biblical times. We are too worried about fitting into our superficial society and busy eating fast foods and just food in general, rather than focusing our attention not on ourselves but rather on simply fasting and praying for ourselves, others, situations, or simply to develop a deeper more profound intimacy with God.

Mark 9:29 The disciples could not cast out a demon from a boy and they asked Jesus why. Jesus replied, “…This kind can come forth by nothing, but by prayer and fasting.”

What was Jesus trying to teach us? He is wanting us to follow in his footsteps. Making fasting and prayer part of our everyday lives. By bringing prayer and fasting back into our lives, we will see our personal lives changed, the lives of those who we pray for transform, as well as our physical bodies being renewed and restored, and we will see miracle transformation in us and the world around us that we never thought could ever be possible!

We no longer live the long, diseased free life that our ancestors use to live, why? Could it be because we no longer follow biblical principles? God has, through his written word, given us a blueprint to how we should live our lives through what to eat, what not to eat, how to address the soil and give it the 7th year rest, giving ourselves a day of Sabbath, to following simple footsteps to living a long happy and fulfilled life!

Matthew 4:4 “Man shall not live by bread alone.”

We need more than just food to live a fulfilled life. Man without food will starve, man without God will perish. We need to keep a healthy balance both physically and spiritually. We do this by not living only for ourselves, but for all those who come across our paths, we need to live by something bigger than ourselves. We need purpose! By fasting and praying, we shift our focus off of ourselves and dive into something bigger than ourselves and in doing so, we break all strongholds and bring healing not only to our souls but our bodies.

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